Oregon Quarter Horse Association

Oregon Bred Program

Oregon Bred Program

  1. A horse must be foaled within the geographic boundaries of Oregon to be eligible to be registered Oregon Bred. An application for this registration must be filled out in its entirety, and accompanied by the appropriate fees. The OQHA will provide the proper forms upon request for the Oregon Bred registration. The Oregon Bred committee chairman must approve the Oregon Bred application.
  2. A horse must have his Oregon Bred application for registration before the committee chairman for approval before the registration is valid. With the Oregon Bred Breeders Seal affixed to the AQHA papers, the horse becomes eligible to receive Oregon Bred awards.
  3. The name of the individual applying for the Oregon Bred registration shall be the same as that on the membership card. The burden of the responsibility lies with the old and new owners to notify the OQHA of any change in ownership.
2016 High Point Oregon Bred Youth Horse
Lopin Lola - Hannah Way

Oregon Bred Futurity Awards
To be eligible for the futurity awards, the Oregon Bred application must be approved prior to the start of the first go round of the futurity.

OREGON BRED YEARLING- This will be the highest placing Oregon Bred at the OQHA Open Yearling Halter Futurity in the following divisions: colt, filly and gelding.

OREGON BRED AWARDS for the highest placing Oregon Bred horse in the following classes at the OQHA Open Futurities held during the OQHA Summer Classic: yearling lunge line, two year old western pleasure (open), three year old western pleasure (open and non-pro), four and under hunter under saddle and five and under team roping (heading and heeling).

Oregon Bred Year-end Awards
To be eligible for year-end Oregon Bred awards, the horse must show to a minimum 10 judges at OQHA approved shows and have a minimum of ten (10) points. Points will not count for year-end awards until the Oregon Bred committee chairman has approved the Oregon Bred application.

HI-POINT OREGON BRED HALTER MARE, STALLION AND GELDING: The winning horse would be the Oregon Bred horse with the most cumulative halter points (OQHA points plus AQHA points) in each sex division. Does not include amateur halter points.

HI-POINT OREGON BRED OPEN HORSE: The Oregon Bred horse receiving the most combined points in any and all open division classes.

HI-POINT OREGON BRED AMATEUR HORSE: The Oregon Bred horse receiving the most points in any and all amateur and/or select classes. Does not include novice amateur points.

HI-POINT OREGON BRED YOUTH HORSE: The Oregon Bred horse receiving the most points in any and all youth classes. Does not include novice youth points.
OREGON BRED RECREATIONAL RIDING: The Oregon Bred horse logging the most recreational riding hours with AQHA.

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Oregon Bred Application (PDF)

Please mail all Oregon Bred Applications to:


PO Box 537

Newberg, OR 97132

For more information:

Linda Preble 971-404-6296


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